Customer Care

Cleaning Your Cabinets

Your cabinets have been finished with a lacquer coating, which provides long lasting protection against damage and average wear and tear. This is one of the most durable finishes available, and requires very little effort to keep clean.

However, we do advise users to use the knobs and pulls to open the cabinet doors. Natural oils from hands as well as finger nails can damage the finishes making the finish more prone to wear and tear. 

How to Clean

Wipe down cabinet surfaces with a soft cloth soaked in a mild solution of vinegar & water OR a mild dish soap & water. To avoid water marks from forming, be sure to wipe the surface dry after every cleaning. Regular cleaning will help in maintaining the appearance of your cabinets.

Note: When cleaning your cabinets be sure to avoid the following:

  • Cream cleaners or any cleaning product that contains abrasives, as they can scratch the surface and dull the finish
  • Solvent-based cleaner
  • Bleach
  • Waxes
  • Pledge or any other product designed for untreated wood, as they can alter the sheen and make the finish dull, shiny or uneven

Care and Cleaning of Laminate Countertops

Although Laminate counter tops are extremely durable and subject to excessive wear, following a few basic guidelines will help prolong the life of your counter top.

How to Clean

Wipe down countertops with a soft cloth or sponge soaked in a mild detergent & water solution. If you have a difficult stain not removeable with this method, use a soft-bristle bush and a more concentrated solution. Avoid using adbravie pads or cleaners, as they may permanently dull or scratch the finish, making your counter top more susceptible to staining.


  • Avoid sliding heavy or rough objects along the surface of your laminate countertop as they may scratch or chip. The use of cutting boards, stones or plates is recommended to prevent cutting or scratching the surface for countertops are not impervious to knife blades or sharp objects
  • Hot objects, such as hot pots and pans or small appliances should never be placed directly on a laminate surface. Always use hotplates, hot pads or even heavy towels to protect the surface from delaminating or scorching